What are the legislative proposals and practices for the implementation of the solar projects? What are the most promising solar energy projects in the regions? Mongolia’s first utility-scale advanced BESS with a capacity of 125 MW/160 MWh is being financed by ADB. The BESS plant will be owned and operated by the national transmission company. How will the project reach the goals of decarbonizing the energy sector, strengthening the energy supply reliability, and supporting private sector investment?   Insights on cost reduction, technology trends and the need to prepare electricity grids for rising shares of solar PV in the region.

Among the solar PV projects to be discussed:

  • Uzbekistan: Sherabad I & Sherabad II:Scaling Solar I,Scaling Solar II & Scaling Solar III; 100 MW Tutly PV plant
  • Kazakhstan: 100 MW Nura SPP; 100 MW Saran SPP; 100 MW Kapshagay SPP; 50 MW photovoltaic plant in the Region of Turkestan
  • Kyrgyzstan: 100 MW SPP in Chuy region
  • Mongolia: 10 MW Altai solar PV; 15 MW Zamin Uud Gegeen SPP; 15 MW Bukhug SPP.

1.5 hours