What are the perspectives for the development of the hydropower sector in Central Asia and Mongolia? What are the innovations in the hydropower development technologies to assist with the region’s demand?  What are the most promising ongoing and investment projects in the region?  Tajikistan and Uzbekistan cooperation: joint construction of the Yovon (140 MW) and Fandaryo (135 MW) HPPs. Will Uzbekistan become the first CA country to build a hybrid hydropower-floating PV plant?

Among the hydropower projects to be presented:

  • Tajikistan: 3,600 MW Rogun HPP; Modernisation of 3,000 MW Nurek HPP; Modernisation of 240 MW Golovnaya HPP; 140 MW Yovon HPP; 135 MW Fandaryo HPP
  • Kyrgyzstan: 1,860 MW Kambar-Ata-1 HPP; 1,305 MW Suusamyr-Kokomeren cascade of HPPs; 1,160 Kazarman cascade of HPPs; 1,100 MW Sary-Jaz cascade of HPPs
  • Kazakhstan: 480 MW Five Cascade HPP
  • Uzbekistan: 400 MW Pskem HPP; 200 MW Verkhnepskem HPP; 200 MW Khodjikent PSP
  • Mongolia: 315 MW Eg HPP; 260 MW Don Sahong HPP; 90 MW Erdeneburen HPP

1.5 hours